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 Welcome, In this section of my site you will find some standard and some
unusual plans
and ideas for alternate energy sources. 

  The whole point behind this page is to give people ideas and ways to
generate power for themselves with more ways than just the
 more common methods of wind turbine generators,
 solar electric panels and retail type engine driven generators.

 Basic Generator Battery Charger

Simple Gas Engine driving a car
alternator to charge a battery
that powers a 12vdc to 110 vac
power inverter for emergencies


 Compressed Air Power Plant Systems
Powered directly or by compressed air
supplied by wind turbines.

Simple mini power supply systems

Hot Water Engines

Powered by solar heated water panels or other source of hot water.
Outputs possible:  
Hot water, LP air
Low Voltage DC,  110/220 VAC


Air motors 
Simple designs anyone with a lathe and
some are possible without it

Designed to work with the mini plant systems or
other rotary input systems

The Bobble Generator System
A very simple slow speed generator design. It’s based on the Freelights bike light system. This can be scaled up to practically whatever size you want or need.


Minto Wheels + modifications?
Mr. Minto’s Wonderwheel and some
possible modifications and alternatives
designed to increase the normal slow
speed for more power

Would it work? 
The power sources for these ideas are gravity and magnets. Will any of them actually work? Who knows? Standard physics says they probably won’t.   What do you think?


Wind Power
Wind can provide mechanical
or electrical power.
Shown here are the windturbines
I have built. 

Useful Information for Alternative Energy Projects

Title:  How To Build A One Fourth Horspower Dynamo or Motor  (4.02mb)
Author:  E. A. Watson

Title:  Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator    (1.89mb)
Author:  H. LaFontaine,  F.P. Zimmerman

Title:  Operating 60 Cycle Induction Motors As Generators    (121kb) 
Author:  Joe

Title:  Briquette Presses For Alternate Fuel Use    (2.8mb)
Author:  Jason Dahlman,  Charlie Forst

Title:  Solar Food Drying Equipment – Notes On Three Driers    (80.8kb)
Author:  Matthew G. Green,  Dishna Schwarz

Title:  Geothermal Heat Pump Basics    (3.73mb)
Author:  Patrick Ward

Title:  Apparatus for the continious manufacture of absolute alcohol  (547kb)
Author:  E. Richard

Title:   Wood Fired Hot Water Heater    (51.6kb)
Author:  Don Fallick

Title:   Solar Water Heater With Thermosyphon Circulation    (106kb)
Author:  Bernd Sitzmann,  Okozentrum Langenbruck

Title:   NASA Automotive Stirling information    (8.12mb)
Author:  William D. Ernst,   Richard K. Shaltens

Title:  The Edison Battery As Quoted From 1920 Book    (315kb)
Author:  Chester L. Dawes

Title:  The Edison Alkaline Storage Battery    (1.12mb)
Author:  The Techical Staff of the Edison Storage Battery Company

Title:  US PAT 0827297 Alkaline Batt Edison 1906    (172kb)
Author:  T.A. Edison

Title:   Alternator Secrets    (194kb) 
Author:  ?

Title:  On The Performance Of The Savonius Wind Turbine    (2.34mb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Small Scale Renewable Energy Control Systems    (293kb)
Author:  Brent Crowhurst


Alternate Energy Links
These are some of the more interesting and educational links I’ve found.
  Know of a good one that I can add to the list?   Email me

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