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My Favorite Recumbent Trike and Bike links 

Endless-Sphere    (electric vehicle technology forums)

A good general forum for all types of power assisted bikes and trikes

Yahoo Group    Barstool Racers

Yahoo Group    E-motor-Assist   (electric )

Yahoo Group    Motorassistbicycles   ( gas  electric )

Yahoo Group    Power-Assist ( gas electric )   very broad topics

Yahoo Group    Powerassistedtrikes   (gas  electric )   ( mainly trikes )

Yahoo Group    Recumbent trike forum group   ( general )

Information , Plans,  and Personal Site links

Frixo  a UK road travel reporting website, that provides our users with the most up-to-date road traffic information.   Lot’s of good recumbent bike info links
E-Bents.Net  (a recumbnet bike and trike forum)

Bent Rider Online magazine – alot of good info

Internation human powered Vehicles Association

Homemade Trikes and Bikes (good one!  – much like my site but on bikes)

Recycled Recumbent       (plans to make a recumbent bike )

Steve’s Recumbent projects and pic pages

Michael Deegan’s Page’s of various Trikes

Fleet Trikes  home built trikes
Unusual HPVs for Land, air, and  water   (very good link list!)
Air Free Tires
Manual Mobility (many bike and trike links – all kinds of stuff)
Cape Fear mountain bike forum

Cape Fear Cyclist Club

Sirbikesalot  ( a lot of good local info )

The Blue Ridge Bycycle Club

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