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Scraping, Brazing , Welding, Heat Treating And Anodizing Metals 

Title:  RCI Welding Instructions (188.2kb)   
Author: Mr. Ferguson

Title:  Basic Heat Treating for Carbon and Alloy Steels (1.4mb)    (knife making)
Author: Bert Gaston

Title:  Scrapers And How To Use Them    (105kb)
Author:  Geometer

Title:  Hardening And Tempering    (41.8kb)
Author:  Geometer

Title:   Case – Hardening    (73.2kb) 
Author:  Geometer

Title:  How To Make Thermocouple Pyrometers    (296kb)
Author:  C.A. Crowley

Title:   The Anodizing of Aluminum And It’s Alloys    (44.7kb)
Author:  L. Camidge 

Title:  Brazing Metals With Silver-Solders    (361kb)
Author:  A.J.T. Eyles

Title:  Welding operations 1    (3.52mb)
Author:  Army Correspondence Course Program

Title:  Welding operations 2    (2.79mb)
Author: Army Correspondence Course Program

Title:  Welding Theory    (1.58mb)
Author:  Army Correspondence Course Program

Title:  Oxy-Acetylene Welding And Cutting –  Electric, Forge and Thermit Welding   (575kb)
Author:  Harold P. Manly

Title:   Build a $20 Portable Arc Welder    (628kb)
Author:  ? 

Title:  Spot Welder works Three Ways    (419kb)
Author:  J. Nauta,  J. Ferry

Title:  Arc Welding Gun    (262kb) 
Author:  Phillip M. Wilson