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Useful Information for Alternative Energy Projects

Title:  How To Build A One Fourth Horspower Dynamo or Motor  (4.02mb)
Author:  E. A. Watson

Title:  Crystal Radio Sets   (994kb)
Author:  Phil Anderson

Title:  Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator    (1.89mb)
Author:  H. LaFontaine,  F.P. Zimmerman

Title:  Operating 60 Cycle Induction Motors As Generators    (121kb) 
Author:  Joe

Title:  Briquette Presses For Alternate Fuel Use    (2.8mb)
Author:  Jason Dahlman,  Charlie Forst

Title:  Solar Food Drying Equipment – Notes On Three Driers    (80.8kb)
Author:  Matthew G. Green,  Dishna Schwarz

Title:  Geothermal Heat Pump Basics    (3.73mb)
Author:  Patrick Ward

Title:  Apparatus for the continious manufacture of absolute alcohol  (547kb)
Author:  E. Richard

Title:   Wood Fired Hot Water Heater    (51.6kb)
Author:  Don Fallick

Title:   Solar Water Heater With Thermosyphon Circulation    (106kb)
Author:  Bernd Sitzmann,  Okozentrum Langenbruck

Title:   NASA Automotive Stirling information    (8.12mb)
Author:  William D. Ernst,   Richard K. Shaltens

Title:  The Edison Battery As Quoted From 1920 Book    (315kb)
Author:  Chester L. Dawes

Title:  The Edison Alkaline Storage Battery    (1.12mb)
Author:  The Techical Staff of the Edison Storage Battery Company

Title:  US PAT 0827297 Alkaline Batt Edison 1906    (172kb)
Author:  T.A. Edison

Title:   Alternator Secrets    (194kb) 
Author:  ?

Title:  On The Performance Of The Savonius Wind Turbine    (2.34mb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Small Scale Renewable Energy Control Systems    (293kb)
Author:  Brent Crowhurst

Title:  HomeMade Windmills (6.33mb)

Title:  Hugh Piggott Wind Turbine Generator plans (930kb)

Title:  Homemade Water Ram pump (216kb)

Title:  Wind Tubine Generator Plans  (952kb)

Title:  Windmills and wind Motors (4.73mb)

Title:  Zoetrope Wind Turbine  (27.74mb)

Title:  PVC Handpumps  (564kb)
Link: Hand Pumps.pdf

Title:  Pirate Radio (11.9mb)

Title:  Simple Data Antennas  (438kb)

Title:  Water For LIfe Community water security (1.66mb)