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Toys and ride vehicles for Children

Title:  Build your Kids The Sidewalk Classic    (1.28mb)
Author: Robert Woolson

Title:  Build an electric Scoot-Car   (2.1mb)
Author: Robert Woolson

Title:  Toys:  Their Design and Construction   (23,2mb)
Author: J. Kay, C.T. White

Title: 3 Projects to Make for the Youngsters    (437kb)
Author: ?

Title:  Sidewalk Play Car Has Electric Drive  (1.28mb)
 Elmer V. Clark

Title:  Antique Auto  Half-Scale Replica of 1910 Touring Car    (3mb)
Author: George E. Jones

Title:  Things To Make  (11.1 mb)
Author: Archibald Williams

Title:  Folk Toys Are Back Again    (981kb)
Author: Henry B. Comstock

Title:  The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1   (17.3 mb)
Author: Popular Mechanics

Title:  Wright Brothers 1900 Kite Model Instructions    (855kb)
Author:  Roger Storm

Title:  5 Toy electric motors__(899kb)
Author:  C.A. Crowley

Title:  Remember The Spinning Wing Auto Giro?__(354kb)
Author:  Roy L. Clough Jr.

Title:  Bicycle Trailers__(336kb)

Title:  Racing Land Yachts is Exciting Fun__(206kb)
Author:  Hi Sibley

Title:  Model Hydroplane Skims__(947kb)
Author:  Roy L. Clough Jr.

Title:  “Miss  Take” An Air Driven Model Hydroplane__(530kb)
Author: Gerald C. Leake

Title:  Scamper  An Air powered Car or Boat__(777kb)
Author:  Paul Del Gatto

Title:  Build This Tom Thumb Mini Bike__(1.31mb)

Title:  Gyro Skipper__(689kb)
Author:  Paul Del Gatto