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Bike and Trike Projects

Title:  Jetrike Tadpole Style Recumbent Trike    (416kb)
Author: Henry Thomas

Title:  Jetrike MkII Front Drive delta Style Recumbent Trike    (474kb)
Author: Henry Thomas

Title:  Tread The Waves on This Bicycle Boat__(378kb)

Boat Projects

Title:  A Boat That Anyone Can Build    (573kb)
Author: Stanly Stearns

Title:  Dolly Varden Strip Boat    (1.38mb)
Author:  Weston Farmer

Title:  Build Happy Clam Skiff    (1.44mb)
Author:  John Atkin

Title:  Flat Bottom Scow-Type Boat    (334kb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Build A Rowing – Sailing Dory    (1.17mb)
Author:  Bob Whittier

Title:  Sea Skiff    (2.13mb)
Author:  William D. Jackson

Title:  Float Boat  (534kb)

Title:  This Kayak Folds like a Book  (453kb)
Author: Jess E. Rathbun

Title:  Kick Katamaran  (293kb)

Title: “Northwind” A Flat Bottomed Kayak  (1.08mb)
Author: M. E. Alford

Title: 15-ft. Sailing Knockabout (340kb)

Title: A Boat That Anyone Can Build (590kb)
Author: Stanley Stearns

Title: Sea Skiff  (2.24mb)
Author: William D. Jackson

Title: Build A Rowing-Sailing Dory (3.12mb) 

Title: Small Skiff (1.45mb)

Title: 12-Foot Sailer  Breeze Baby (5.1mb) 
Author: William D. Jackson

Title: Blue Moon Sailboat (8.1mb)
Author: William D. Jackson

Title: Building the Biloxi Dinghy (1.33mb)
Author: L.J. Goreflo

Fun To Ride

Title:  The Three-Wheeled Desert Scout    (1.46mb)
Author:  V. Lee Oertle

Title:  Fat-Tire Scooter for Sportsmen    (524kb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Golf Cart -or Family Runabout Part a    (1.72mb)
          Golf Cart -or Family Runabout Part b    (868kb)
Author:  Tom Riley

Title:  HighWay Kart    (1.18mb)
Author:  R. J. Capotosto

Title:  Build A Motorized Mountain Goat    (1.61mb)
Author:  V. Lee Oertle

Title:  This Scooter Costs Only $75    (762kb)
Author:  Howard G. McEntee

Title:  Now! – Build Your Own 6 Wheel ATV    (2.04mb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Wren Mini Bikes Plans (545kb)
Author:  ?

Yard and Sm
all Farm Tractors

Title:  This Tractor Cost Only $50    (911kb)
Author: Matous

Title:  Build a Baby Tractor  (778kb)

Title:  Small Yard Tractor For Under $150    (911kb)
Author:  Manly Mills

Title:  “Farmette” The Odd-Job Tractor    (711kb)
Author:  ?

Title:  How to Build A Midget Tractor    (776kb)
Author:  Howard G. McEntee

Title:  Give Your Garden Tractor A Fork Lift    (1.1mb)
Author: Eldred V. Adams 

Title:  Pow’r Pup Suburban Tractor    (2.91mb)
Author:  S. S. Miner

Title:  FEEJEE  An All-Purpose Dump Truck    (633kb)
Author:  Don W. Street

Title:  Poor Mans Gravely    (319kb)   (this isn’t a ride but a powered towing head)
Author:  ?

Title:  Convertable Wheel Barrow Garden Cart  (215kb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Handy Trailer For Yard Tractors  (411kb)
Author:  Hank Adams

Title:  Camping trailer (788kb)

Title:  Hovercraft Trailer (2.42mb)