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Title:  Where there Is No Doctor    (53.6mb)
Author:  David Werner, Carol Thuman, Jane Maxwell

Title:  Basic Firecraft    (216kb)

Title:   Basic Medicine    (268kb)

Title:   Cold Weather Survival    (299kb)

Title:   Dangerous Animals    (120kb)

Title:   Dangerous Fish And Mollusks   (330kb)

Title:   Dangerous Insects and Spiders    (170kb)

Title:   Desert Survival    (166kb)

Title:   Direction Finding    (171kb)

Title:   Edible and Medicinal Plants    (17.6mb)

Title:   Expedient Water Crossings    (226kb)

Title:   Food Procurement    (721kb)

Title:  Poisonous Plants      (84.9kb)

          Poisonous Plants 2   ( 2.55mb)

Title:   Ropes And Knots    (354kb)

Title:   Sea Survival    (513kb)

Title:   Shelters   (295kb)

Title:   Tropical Survival    120kb)

Title:   Survival Use Of Plants    (194kb)

Title:   Venomous Snakes    (14.3mb)

Title:   Water Procurement    (269kb)

Title:   Field-Expedient Weapons, Tools, and Equipment    (269kb)

Title:   American Boys Handbooks of Camplore and Woodcraft (23mb)

Title:   Biosand water filters (625kb)

Title:   Water Bucket Filter Sytem (1.28mb)

Title:   1911 Camp and Trail Manual (25mb)

Title:   1915 Camp Craft (35mb)

Title:   1906 Camp Kits and Camp Life (17.4mb)

Title:   Emergency Preparedness and Survival Basics Guide (4.75mb)

Title:   Do It Yourself Solar Install  (353kb)

Title:   Farm Buildings (11.5mb)

Title:   Foxfire Survival 1  (40.3mb)

Title:   Foxfire Survival 2  (43.7mb)

Title:   Handbook of Knots and Splices (1.28mb)

Title:   Harpers Camping and Scouting (40.4mb)

Title:   Furriers Friend and Tanning Hides (1.15mb)

Title:   Homemade Traps and Snares (487kb)

Title:   Practical Farms Buildings (2.23mb)

Title:   Rainwater Harvesting Manual 3rd Edition (1.99mb)

Title:   Seven Primitive Survival Shelters (564kb)

Title:   Skinning and Dressing Rabbits  (80kb)

Title:   Raising Rabbits (155kb)

Title:   Tanning Deer Hides and Small Fur Skins (51kb)

Title:   Tarp Shelters (861kb)

Title:   Trail and Campfire (44.4mb)

Title:   Trail Craft (13.8mb)

Title:   Useful Knots for Scouting (1.04mb)

Title:   Hexayurt Family (1.67mb)

Title:   Hexayurt in Haiti  (2.82)

Title:   Prudent Food Storage (510kb)

Title:   Army Mountaineering Techniques  (2.42mb)

Title:   Army Survival In Cold Weather  (699kb)

Title:   Army Plumbing, Pipe fitting and Sewerage (4.85mb)

Title:   Emergency Can Heater (449kb)

Title:   Don’t Panic  Emergency Preparedness Handbook (2.71mb)

Title:   Humanure Handbook 3rd Edition (22.7mb)