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 In this section you will find various odd projects that don’t fit anywhere else. 
The newest projects are at the top of the list

Childs 4 Wheeler Upgrade

24 Volt 500 Watt 4 Wheeler converted from
Kids plastic toy version


Electric Mini Car

24 volt 500 Watt Mini Car

Scooter Modifications

Got A Free But Dead One And Fixed It Up

Flea Circus

My version of an flea circus built for a local magician

Home made wood chipper

My home made wood chipper
Built using a modified yard edger head
and junkbox parts

robot front

Robot built from craft sticks

This is about as low tech as it can get!










For the last 15 years or so I have been creating what I call 3D String-art from wire and have started adding some leather to the projects as you can see in the pictures.

These figurines are hand-made with recycled copper from old telephone and house wiring, leather bits from a local flea market and a whole lot of time.

 They normally take anywhere from about one evening to as many as 300+ hours for the “all wire ships”. I refuse to watch tv so I do things like this when it is too cold to work in my shop.

These are a small selection of the ones that have been created over last couple of years. (I intend to go back to using wire only from now on, I didn’t really enjoy working with the leather.)

 I have done over 30 motorcycles mostly miniatures of peoples Harley Davidsons and trikes, about 2 dozen ships, 3 trains, 1 plane and assorted buildings, dragons, lizards , snakes etc.. even a few humorous cartoon-like ones for people.

I do not do animals except for things with scales. I made a unicorn for a friend a few years ago and you can’t believe how hard it is to make copper wire look like fur.

I ended up having to comb out about 800 ft of fine stranded type wire and then put it on the underframe like thatching to get it all covered and even. Never again will I go through that unless there is some serious money involved coming to me!

The following are small pictures links to large picture versions of the Trike,Tall Ship, and Train that show the details.
They are all about 1 meg in size so you modem users go get a cup of coffee or something as it will take a little while to download them