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 I was planning on building me another electric scooter a few months ago and had even started plans for it as you can see in the first picture below.  I was planning to build it in the recumbent format but my next door neighbor decided to clean out some stuff and gave me an electric pocketbike that had been setting under his awning for the last couple of years.   

 original plan

 The next two pictures show what the original bike looked like and my plans to redesign it.  It got changed a little as the fourth picture shows.  That was the last design page before I started actually changing things.

 New plan

 Final plan

 The original forks were kept and the original rear mounts for the motor. The top section of the frame was removed modified and and replaced with 3/4 emt tubing used along the sides as support bars. 11 inches was added into the middle of the frame. 

 A scooter type handle bar was mounted on to the top of the original fork bridge plate and some extra supports added on both sides to add stiffness.

 A standard bike type seat tube was installed with a wide comfort seat mounted on it.

 Both front and rear wheels have band brakes installed.  I kept the larger rear wheel that was mounted on the pocketbike but the front one was badly warped so I used a regular 12″ aluminum mag scooter wheel for the front.

 A 500watt 24vdc motor drives the rear wheel with a 250watt 24vdc motor drives the front wheel. Both  wheel gears are mounted on free wheels so they can roll or coast without the motor turning if going in the forward direction.
 The front and rear motors can be used either one at a time or together. They are controlled by one handlebar throttle with it’s output feeding seperate controllers for each motor.  The selector switches are mounted on the handlebar close to the throttle.
 The power is supplied by two 12vdc 33 amp hour deep cycle AGM mobility scooter batteries.

 The bike has dual headlights, dual tail lights, dual brake lights, and full turn signals front and rear.  The controls are on the left handlebar as standard for a scooter or moped. It also has both left and right mirrors.

 A digital voltage meter is mounted on the top cover of the body along with the main power cutout and the charger jack.  The meter box also has an auxiliary 12v outlet that can supply up to 3 amps.

 The basket is made from recycled refrigerator shelves cut and welded back together. It is approx 15″ by 15″ by 12″.

 The rest of the pictures show the bike in various angles.

side view

closeup of front motor drive

other side view

rear view

Main battery cut off switch
Volt meter (digital red led -12 aux port in rear corner of meter box – 3 amp maximum)

front view