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   The Gas Fat tire Scooter 

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 This one started life out as a 49cc pocketbike.  As that was too small for me to really ride I decided to stretch it out a bit.   The picture below shows the frame before and after I altered it to be comfortable to ride.    This bike was sold before I even got it finished.  A neighbor happen to come by while I was still doing the final wiring and bought it from me right then an there.   It had almost a 150 mile range with a full gas tank and had a top speed of about 28 mph with a 200lb person riding it. (me)

Click on any of the pictures for a large easy to view version

The initial modifications where the new material and welds were done. 

Frame cleaned up and primer painted

Just another view

Wheels installed and test gas tank for engine

Close up of rear wheel and frame

Front view

Initial fitting of long range permanent gas tank.   I would hold almost 2 gallons of gas.

Another view of tank fitting.

Tank, lights and rear metal cargo cover, basket and frame panels installed

Nice pretty blue paint job!

Engine installed and all electronics hooked up

Front view

With the big fat tires mounted on it, this thing would go though just about any kind of terrain including soft sand.