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Title:  Band saw Blade Welder  (980kb)
Author:  Harold P Strand

Title:  MulchMaker For Gardening Buffs    (550kb)
Author:  Manly Banister

Title:  Precision Drill Press for the Modelmaker    (2.1mb)
Author:  Alexander Maxwell

Title:  A Heavy-Duty Bench Band Saw    (164kb)
Author: Frank N. Coakley

Title:  Band Saw Blade Welder    (139kb)
Author:  Wolfgang F. Habicher

Title:  Build Your Own Belt Sander    (586kb)
Author:  David W. Murphy

Title:  Small Workshop Compressor    (434kb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Electric Oven for Your Shop    (757kb)
Author:  Harold P. Strand

Title:  A Drill Press from Auto Parts    (978kb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Powerful Drum Hoist Made From Scrap    (216kb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Drive Your HackSaw Electrically    (1.56mb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Electric Etching Pencil    (88.1kb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Heavy-Duty Grinder From Old Auto Parts    (1.42mb)
Author:  Royce M. Roath

Title:  Saber Saw Powered by an Old Vac Motor    (566kb)
Author:  Carl S. Bates

Title:  Make Your Own Hydraulic Press    (430kb)
Author:  E. S. Harris

Title:  From Sewing Machine to Jigsaw    (80.1kb)
Author:  Gust M. Larson

Title:  How To Bore the Big Ones – Low Speed Drill Press    (204kb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Horizontal Surface Grinding and Milling Machine    (710kb)
Author:  R. Hamilton

Title:  HomeMade BandSaw From Pipe Fittings and Auto Parts    (1.89mb)
Author:  ?

Title:  HomeMade Ball-Bearing Drill Press     (1.24mb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Post Hole Auger Driven By Tractor    (308kb)
Author:  ?

Title:  HomeMade Power Hacksaw for Less than $20    (1.32mb)
Author:  Walter E. Burton

Title:  Take Your Choice  2 designs for Saw Table Extensions    (790kb)
Author:  R. J. Decristoforo

Title:  Lime Stone Spreader Saves, Time and Material    (500kb)
Author:  ?

Title:  Efficient ScrollSaw for Heavy Duty Cutting    (986kb)
Author:  A. L. Mills

Title:  A Small Bench Grinder    (259kb)
Author:  J. V. Romig

Title:  Making A Convertible Toolpost Grinder    (333kb) 
Author:  Ray F. Kuns