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All the drawings/plans here are links to full pages of each type of system. They are the end result of me trying to figure out how I can add some alternative energy resources to my home and workshop while living in a subdivision.
 Scaled up, some of these could also be the basic power and hot water for a small home or maybe a vacation cabin in the woods somewhere.   These are not what you normally see when looking for solar power!  Rankine, Sterling, steam systems and others can be used for small systems,  they don’t all have to be big commercial or industrial setups.

                                ‘Minto Based Power Wheels  

     These are roughly Minto Wheel based that have modified
      operating setups based on rotary airplane engines.
 They use both propane or freon gas pressure operating on air
      cylinders by itself  and gas pressure operating on hydraulic
       fluid and cylinders   Low to High power outputs.

                        ‘Simple Rankine hot water power systems  

     These are simple Rankine cycle engine systems that operate a
      generator through various different drive types .

                        ‘The Micro Tide’  Battery Charger System1 

 The system pumps water or hydraulic fluid back and forth between two
  tanks to operate a hydraulic motor or a small water turbine.  These are
  the original designs when I first started working with these ideas.

                                       Cable drum based engines 

 These are drum engines using cables and pulley systems.  They are
  very simple engines a lot like the teeter totter systems below.
  They can be also be scaled up big enough to be quite powerful.

                   Pump Jack Type Hydraulic Cylinder based engines 

 These engines use hydraulic cylinders to create the system output
  drive by pressurizing tanks containing hydraulic fluid. Simple designs
  but can have high output capability.

     55 gallon drum based engine  Configured as a battery charger

 This engine is based on a Newcomen steam engine with modern twist.
  First of all there is no steam used, only hot and cold water.  The drum
  contains water and propane gas. This system came from an idea a few
  members of the Yahoo HAES (Stirling engine) group were talking
  about that I decided to explore a bit more in depth.

               ‘The Micro Tide’  Battery Charger System 2

 This is a simple combination between the “drum” engine and the 
  “micro-tide” design.  I think uses the best design ideas of both of the
  above systems.

Hot water powered Opposed Piston Engines

 These are simple engines that use the same principle of gas expansion
  that the rest of the systems use but in much smaller physical packages

Hot water Powered Pumps and Air Compressors

These systems are configures as air compressor and water pumps
in both small table top size and large high power systems.

Hot water powered Teeter-Totter Engines

 These are very simple engine that  use the same principle of gas
  expansion that the rest of the systems but use gravity to do the actual
  work. They are self starting and can have a number of different type
  output setups

Hot water powered Nitinol Engines

 These are engines that use the “memory metal” Nitinol to create the
 movement. These are setup to use solar power and they can output
 usable physical or electrical power if geared up to a faster output 

NIFTE Engines

 These are engines based on a design by  T.C.B. Smith.  He calls them
 Non inertia feedback thermofluidic engines.  These are my versions of
  his design and a few slightly modified of my own.