Solar Hot Water Powered Drum Engine      Finished Project 

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 This is a current project that I have been working on for a couple of months now. Basically, it is being done as I can afford to buy the parts.  These pictures are not in any real order. They are just various pics I have been taking while building.

Sealing inside of pump ends where the wood flanges fit over the steel tabs

Building wooden flanges

Sealing the outside of the pump flanges with fiberglass resin

Fitting the metal flange strips on the pump ends

Metal flange strips with 38 holes per strip!

flanges brazed on – inside and outside

Engine drums and start of frame

Poor view of inside brazing

View of pump end plumbing connections

Side view of crank shaft shaft mounted on frame

Crank shaft before main axle mounted

drums and crossbar mounted

View of engine drum with brazed flange strip and plumbing connections

Piston rod crossbar connectors

Piston rods and diaphram plates    

Fabrication of diaphrams. One layer of 1/4″ thick nitril  gasket rubber between two layers of t-shirt material glued on and covered with high temp automotive type silicone gasket material

 Current view of work done on engine

Flow diaphram of current engine

My high tech wheel mount for the rim and tire flywheel

View with wheel mounted

  I got the engine to work but I couldn’t
  supply enough hot water with the
  panels I was using. I could only get a
  few rpm.  If a good source of used hot
  water was available the engine would
  operate much faster.