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pic of scooter side view

 This is a mobility scooter I got from the local group.  It a Pride Mobility Products Victory 4 model.

 According to the manual I found on the net it is supposed to have a range of 10 miles at a top speed of 5 mph.
 When I got it the controller and most of the controls for it were non functional and the batteries were worn out.

 After taking it apart to I found it has a 24v 450 watt motor with an electric brake on the motor.  I replaced the original controller with a 24v 500w regular 2 wheel scooter controller.  I had to recycle a couple of relays from the old controller so that I could still get reverse.  I also put the electric brake on a switch so I could control it from the handlebars. Originaly it was controlled by the controller itself.  I also replaced the batteries.  

  I decided that this scooter needs some brakes other than the electric one on the motor. That works ok but when it stops, it stops NOW.  No nice gentle coasting to a stop there. I made the parts for a pedal operated scrub brake on one of the rear tires.  There was no room to install any other type.  Here is some of views of what the brake and mount looks like.   It works very well.  The lower right picture shows the huge rear light that was also installed.

 In the upper right picture you can see the trailor hitch I installed for pulling my bike trailor. It is basically a upside down u-shaped bar that sits over the rear bumper with an upright section that the hitch pin connects to and a piece that connects to the aux. connector on the back of the seat. the bumper bar is locked down also with a couple of hose clamps even though it won’t come off unless the seat hitch pin is removed and the whole thing rotated out of the seat connector.  They do keep it from making any noise though when riding.