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Wind Power Modified Savonius Wind Turbine 

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  This was the first Savonius type wind turbine I built.  It is highly modified and drawn according to some plans I found on the net that came from some school. I don’t remember exactly where but when I find it again I will put a link here for it.

 This one is about 19 inches in diameter and close to the same on height.   It is made from 1/4″ plywood and sheet metal recycled from aluminum siding.

 It has 4 magnets extending down below the bottom blade to operate the bike generator coils.   It does not put out a lot of current but will light up about 30 leds when the wind had it spinning about 45 rpm or faster. See this page for more info on the generator coils.

It’s really more of a yard ornament than it is anything else but it was good practice in finding an easy way to build small vertical turbines.

basic plans

Bearings + supports

top and bottom plates

top view of blades

Spyder that holds the magnet coils

Another view

5meg mpg movie of it spinning on my bench

small mpg movie of it spinning on my bench