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“Lenz”  Wind Turbine 

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  This is the third vertical wind turbine I built.  It is called a “Lenz” turbine by the  designer. 
  This one is about  2′ diameter and the blades are 8″ high.   (I run out of the wider pieces of sheet metal on the last turbine) The two sets of blades are mounted at an offset.  Like the regular Savonius this one has the metal folded over the edges of the wooden forms and then riveted and fiberglassed to ensure no water gets anywhere it’s not supposed to be.
   The spars holding the blades are pieces of fiberglass tent poles I had from an old torn up tent someone gave me. they are screwed to the wooden blade forms and also fiberglassed solid. 

   See the page on the axial alt for output info.

Basic design Plan

two partialy built wings

Assembled on stand

center hubs