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“Standard” Savonius Wind Turbine 

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  This is the second  Savonius type wind turbine I built.  It is more or less the standard design as I can find it around the internet.

 This one is about 16.5 inches wide and about 32 inches tall.   It is made from 1/4″ plywood and sheet metal recycled from aluminum siding.  The edges of the sheet metal is folded over the edge of the wooden forms and riveted to the wood. The seams are then painted with fiberglass resin just to make sure everything stays together in all  types of weather.

 It is driving  the # 4 prototype bobble generator  I built last year.   The generator will only put out about 6 volts dc with a load about 250-300 milliamps max from about 140 to 175 rpm. (It will actually charge up to about 25vdc+ if it’s not connected to anything)   Any faster than about 175 rpm and the coil magnets can’t keep up and the output starts to goes down fast. This turbine had no  problem driving this generator to it’s maximum output. It barely even seems to notice it when  the output is completely shorted out.

Basic Drawing

Halves of new turbine

Mounted on workshop

Bobble gen base
showing coils

Fully Assembled