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Wind Turbine Axial Alternator #1

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 I want to be able to charge my 36v trike batteries and my 24v mobility scooter batteries from the sun or wind. I haven’t the money for solar panels at the moment so I decided to try using the wind.  I’m using the windturbines shown to drive these various alternators and generators.    This one is designed as a “standard” windturbine axial alternator. It has been modified for simplicity of supplies and lower output to match the turbines.

    After looking at a lot of different sites and comparing all the different plans I could find, this is what is ended up with.

 Magnets: 24  1″ diameter by 1/8″ thick super magnets
                12   on each of the two rotors centered on a 6 1/2″ circle.

 They are mounted on top of 2 layers of sheet metal (recycled heating duct) screwed down to 1/2″ thick hardwood plywood disks with brass screws.  The magnets are glued on with fiberglass resin as standard procedure and the entire disks are also sealed/painted with resin. 

 Coils:  It uses 9  coils with every third coil wired in series for 3 phase output.
            Each coil has 400 turns of 30 gage wire.     
           There is approx 1/4″ space between the magnet rotors and the coil board.

 Testing results:

  60 rpm = begins charging 24v battery  

120 rpm = 250 milliamps into 12v battery
                 approx 150 milliamps into 24v battery

200 rpm = 350+ milliamps into 12v battery   ( my little meter popped it’s fuse at 350 milliamps) 
                 225    milliamps into 24v battery   (too much current for 30 gage wire according to the chart I have)

  This setup seems to work better for charging 24v batteries which is what I wanted for my mobility scooter.

top view

side view of coil winder

Font view of winder

Magnet rotors

Coil board mount

another view

coil  board

top view

Bottom view