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 Back in 1989  I was disabled with I fell off a house I was building and really messed up my left leg.    I decided I wanted to buy a recumbent trike that would allow me to pedal easier so I could still ride.   When I started pricing all the ones available at the time I got a real shock as most started at about $2000 and went up over $5000.   Well I couldn’t afford that so I decided to build my own. After 3 attempts I finally got something I liked.  Since that time I have been building them for local people and have branched out a bit to building electric scooters. also.. 

                     My first attempts at building a tadpole style recumbent trike

    The Tank trike                                        First all tubing version                                 Big wheels version

                                                The Final Design Setup

  My experimental trike                              Redesigned frame                                       Direct steering type

  Child Size Versions

      Tiny Cruisers                                                                              Cargo Trike

                                                        Delta Style Trikes

  Delta Cargo Trike                                Fredex Clone Delta Trike                         Palmer clone Trike  Ver.#1

    **** NEW ****
Palmer Clone Trike Ver.#2

                                 Two Wheel Scooters  Gas and Electric Versions

49cc 20″ bike scooter                                  49cc Fat tire scooter                             Dual drive E-scooter


        Various Bike Trailers                      Friends of Packratworkshop                   Drawings and Plan Ideas     


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Bike and Trike Projects

Title:  Jetrike Tadpole Style Recumbent Trike    (416kb)
Author: Henry Thomas

Title:  Jetrike MkII Front Drive delta Style Recumbent Trike    (474kb)
Author: Henry Thomas

Title:  Tread The Waves on This Bicycle Boat__(378kb)